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DS/DT: Heart E, Angelic Pretty (prices lowered)

~I take paypal for payment. Fees are included in the listed price.
~I ship via USPS Priority shipping. Shipping is included within the US, and listed for International. I use paypal shipping, which gives tracking. I am not responsible for packages once they leave my hands, but I will package them so that they are not damaged. If you are concerned, please purchase insurance.
~I am open to trades, however please only offer items that will fit my measurements (38 bust, 30 waist)... generally, quarter shirred items and larger will fit me. I do not wear skirts. I wear sweet style, and my favorite brand is Angelic Pretty. Anyway, if you're interested in a trade, please give me a link to see the item. I require that both parties purchase tracking and that you have good feedback.
~I am open to offers, but priority will go to whomever offers the asking price first.
~Priority goes to whomever leaves their paypal email and location first.

Heart E Tartan JSK
I just bought this off of the comm, but upon trying it on, the coloring does not work with my skintone. I'm hoping someone who will look nicer in it can take it off my hands. It's a really unique plaid, with a nice triple frill skirt.
It is shirred in the back, and easily fit me at 38 bust and 30 waist, I would estimate that it can stretch to about a 40 bust and 32 inch waist comfortably.
Price: $80 including shipping and fees ($100 shipped internationally)

Angelic Pretty Triple Frill JSK
I love this dress, but I don't wear it very often anymore; my loss is your gain! I have worn it several times, but it is still in great condition. The only flaw is that the pearls that were originally on the bow fell off (I only noticed this when I saw one listed on closet child). I also have the small satin bow that is on a pin, it just isn't attached in these photos.
The JSK is quarter shirred, so it can fit up to about a 38 inch bust and 30 inch waist with some room to spare. It also has unique ties in the back that tie over the shirring. The straps are also very versitile since they use buttons; they can be worn n the regular style, crossed in the back, or a halter style depending on your preference.
Price: $95 including shipping and fees ($115 shipped internationally)

Angelic Pretty Crown Necklace
This has been worn a few times, but it's in like new condition. I simply don't wear it all that often.
Price: $30 including shipping and fees ($40 shipped internationally) (this is a repost after 4 weeks)

Thank you for looking~
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, heart e

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