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DS: Angelic Pretty Twinkle Mermaid OP black, Metamorphose Sailor uniform OP black x white

Notes: I'm located in the USA.
            I accept US and international
            Paypal only
            Priority goes to who can pay the soonest.
            All prices include shipping

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Mermaid OP

Only worn twice, has been washed. Front bow is detachable, as well as the ribbon that ties in the back (detachable on the side by buttons). Back has ruffles and shirring. Front laces up. There is also a detachable necklace in the front. It is in very good condition. Will best fit up to a 34" bust and 29" waist. Hips are free.

Asking price: 
US $300 International $320 
This OP is rare and I originally got it for about $400. I might be willing to negotiate a cheaper price as long as it's reasonable, but if someone else is willing to pay what I'm asking they get priority.


Metamorphose Sailor Uniform One Piece black x white

The front is stained purple a bit on the lace and on the panel. I had taken it to be drycleaned and the colors bled. :( 

The arm pits are a bit stained but lightly. I think it's only noticeable if you're in direct sunlight.

One of the snaps is coming loose.

Details: Worn thrice. Front bow is detachable. Panel in front stays closed with snaps. Dress zips up on the left side. Sailor collar has a star in each corner on the back and the dress laces up in the back. Length goes a little past the knees. Will best fit a 32" bust and 28" waist.

Asking price: US $85 International $95. Originally I got this for about $150-$200 but due to the flaws I've reduced the price.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: angelic pretty, metamorphose

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