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DS: BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, Rose Chocolate, Ling Lam... a lot of stuff

Prices include shipping to Canada + USA.
I will only sell these items within Canada/USA. It's the only way I can get a delivery confirmation #. Sorry!! :(

no holds/trades please. I'm more or less selling off most of my lolita stuff.

first come first served. :D

paypal fees aren't included and will be calculated on your final invoice per PPCalc.com -- no eChecks please -- I am under time constraints atm, that is why I cannot wait. >_<;
(note: if you'd like to pay with a personal payment to avoid fees, please let me know ahead of time, and I can give you my paypal address.)

sold to lightningspeedsquid Btssb Tote Bag

additional pics: print detail | inside, with 3 mooks

new without tags/never used.
13'' across
14'' length
3.75'' depth (measured at the bottom of the bag, it's sort of 'pleated' and expands..hope that makes sense)

to canada: $33
to usa: $37

Btssb white cardigan

additional pics: back | collar detail | another pic of the front | sleeves
on a dress form (appears more yellow-y than it is) | on a person

the colour is a soft creamy BTSSB white (I think if you look at the pic taken on the bed you can see the cardi is a bit more creamy than the lace, which is a "white" white...)

velveteen-ish fabric...I'm not 100% what it's composed of. XD it's very soft though.

used, but in excellent condition. there's one small spot on the collar where the fabric looks kind of...flattened? not noticeable since it's not a stain, but I included a photo for full disclosure!
20'' from the back collar to bottom
18'' from armpit to sleeve
armpit-to-armpit measurements: 18'' (taken flat)
waist (taken flat): 15''
-- I'm not really sure what the max (while being comfortable) would be but my measurements are 34/28 and it's roomy on me, without looking too baggy. I think this is supposed to have a more loose fit so you can wear something underneath it. @_@

to canada: $65
to usa: $69

sold to harlyharlekin Angelic Pretty heart pouchette

additional pics: picture 2

new without tags/never used. probably good for holding small things like a cell phone and wallet.
I think the colour is probably somewhere in betwen the first and second pic (which is a little washed out)

8'' across at the widest part
6'' from the centre of the heart, to the bottom
22'' straps taken from the top when hanging, to one of the clasps

to canada: $54
to usa: $58

Rose chocolate rocking horse shoes - Rhythmical Ballerina model - SIZE 230mm/23cm (6 US) - Black

additional pics: stock photo/information (includes sizing information)

extremely comfortable and gorgeous rocking horse shoes! they are like new as I'm the first owner - it's only been tried on in the house, so the sizing sticker on the sole has been rubbed off. @_@

price [will consider offers on these]
to canada: $125
to usa: $129

Ling Lam Boots - SIZE 23cm (6 US) - Black

additional pics: Ling lam's ebay listing
I ordered 23cm and I recommend them for 6-6.5 us max (not 6.5-7 as listed on the website)
I got these new from ling lam and never wore them out.

NOTE these will ship out slightly "folded" - they come that way then you order it from ling lam too. the creases are not very obvious at all in case anyone is concerned. :3

to canada: $38
to usa: $42

if you would like to buy something please let me know what item, and also leave your paypal address with your country (canada or usa). thank you. :3

feedback: lots of on loligothdbs.com, and on eBay under angelic_chorus

I move back to school Jan 4 so I'll be shipping out packages before then. : )


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