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Lots of Loli clothes!

I listed these Loli items awhile back with set prices.  I want to get rid of them so badly now, though, that I am now taking offers!  All that I ask is that you be reasonable.  If I think a price is too low, I will politely decline.  Take into consideration that there will be S&H on all items, too.  Give me a price NOT including S&H -- I will determine S&H based on where you live and get back to you with a final price before purchase.  Thank you very much for looking!

DS: Lots of lolita stuff!!!

I have +2 feedback on The Loligoth DBS as a buyer and 100% feedback on eBay from 38 people as both a buyer and, recently, seller under the name hsmith767.   Please don't hesitate to ask questions about any of the items below if you are interested!

Sale policy:

I am only willing to ship within the U.S. at this time as I am fairly new to selling and do not feel comfortable doing otherwise.  Also, I prefer to use paypal, but will contemplate accepting checks and money orders, as well. 

If you would like to purchase something, please include your zip code and paypal email address so that I may send you an invoice.  Also specify whether you would like to add insurance onto the item(s).  I will be using USPS and shipping with the cheapest method available unless you ask otherwise.

Once again, I am still a newbie when it comes to selling items, so please be understanding if I am confused with a shipping question or something of the sort.  I assure you I will do all I can to make your transaction smooth and easy. : )

If you purchase anything, please leave feedback on The Loligoth DBS after receiving your item(s).  I will greatly appreciate it! : )

IMPORTANT:  I am 5'5" for dress and clothing height reference.

Onto the pretties!

White Sailor Lolita Dress

-Made for a 37" bust and 32" waist.  The lace is not cheap -- it's soft and pretty!  The back laces up with a layer of shirring behind so larger-busted Lolis can fit.  The little scart is detachable and the whole thing buttons up the front -- there are no zippers.  The only negative is that because the material is white, the outline of bras may show through slightly, so I suggest wearing a white tank top underneath to prevent that from happening.  I am throwing in free over-the-knee pink socks that I purchased awhile back from sockdreams.com for whoever purchases this lovely dress!


Teal Blue Lolita JSK

I absolutely love the color of this dress <3  Made for a 37" bust 32" waist.  There are front ribbon laces and the straps around the arms tie at the top, so you can adjust them depending on how low or high you want the dress to sit.  There is a zipper up the side.  The only drawback to this dress is it seems to get wrinkled easily, so you'll want to keep it on a hanger.  I am throwing in the over-the-knee socks for free if you buy!


Black Gothic/Victorian dress

I mostly have sweet in my closet, but when I saw this dress, I had to have it!  Made for a 37" bust, 32" waist.  The lace is veeeery soft and a little stretchy.  There are a row of small buttons running down the chest area which may not be very noticeable in the picture, but they're one of my favorite parts. ^^  Also, there is a zipper on the side.  The measurements are the same as the above two dresses, and even though there is no shirring, this could fit a few inches larger as it is a little loose until the back ribbons are tied.  It is hard to let this dress go, but I never wear it, so it should go to someone who will!


Cream-Colored Lolita Winter Coat

This warm, wool coat from Forever 21 is beautiful and so, so comfortable!  I just didn't like the babydoll look on me when I tried it on.  NEVER WORN outside.  Only tried on a few times indoors.  Soft, smooth inner lining.  Tag still attached!  Original price was $44.80.  Perfect condition!!!  Would like to get about the same amount of money back.  Size large.


Long White Bloomers

Made by LJ user industrial_kitty a few years ago (I think I gave the wrong measurements then because they're pretty loose on me.  I would say these would fit a large to extra large Loli -- they have an elastic top, so they can stretch to a variety of sizes)

Victorian White Lace Blouse

- Made for a 37" bust and 32" waist.  It's a little big, though, but  not very much so.  Someone with a bust a couple of inches bigger would still fit comfortably into this shirt, I think.  The lace is absolute GORGEOUS.  The back is plain -- no ties or laces.  It buttons up the front.  The top in general is very pretty, but I just don't have outfits to match well with it.  I actually never wore this blouse out of my house -- I just tried it on a few times.  So it hasn't been washed and there are tiny yellow chalk marks where Momo's must have measured around the button holes.  They should come right out in one wash, though.


Black Alice Temperley blouse

- Very pretty black blouse from Alice Temperley's Target line of clothing.  I purchased it online, but the material is sort of thin and it was too small for my bust, even though I thought a women's medium would work.  ><  Tags still attached!

Black Lace-Up Victorian Granny Shoes

Made of genuine leather -- the bottom of one says they were made in Brazil.  Size 7 1/2.  Not sure of the label, but the upper inner flaps of them say "Debbie" in silver type.  The laces start all the way on the toes of the shoes, which is my favorite part about them.  There are some very mild scuffs on them, but nothing very noticeable at all.  The heels are approx. 3 inches high.  For more images, I am wearing them in the " Black Gothic/Victorian Dress" photos above. 


Thank you for looking!  :D
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