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WTB: JSKs or skirts from $50-100, preferably black or blue w/ silver, but other colors considered.

Augh, my first WTB. Hope I did everything okay. ^^;; Anyway, I'm looking to spend $50-100 shipped. I know the lower end is a bit optimistic, but... >w>;;. I could maybe go up to $120 if I really liked something, but I'd prefer not to.

Sorry for the TL;DR but I figured it would be good to provide as much info as possible. I'm also having trouble finding something that steals my heart that I can actually fit into and I really like a lot of styles, so I wanna keep my options a bit open.
  • Measurements: Bust 38in/Waist 30in/Hips 38in, last time I checked. I might've gained a tiny bit over the holidays, so I'd prefer something with wiggle room. I try to avoid skirts with really small waists that happen to stretch to a maximum of 30in because they'll start restricting me after a little while and get painful. The closer the smaller end is to 30in, the more interested I'll be.
  • Brand, semi-brand, or offbrand, anything is fine. I'd also be willing to commission.
  • A JSK would be preferred to a skirt.
  • As the title states, I would prefer something that is black or blue (royal or navy) with silver embroidery or print. Gold instead of silver might also work. Something like HMHM Classical Velveteen Chandelier, for example, would be nice (in fact, on the off chance anyone has that in the correct size range, skirt or JSK, I'd be all over it). However, other colors will still be looked at. You'd be able to get my attention with something orange. I do not want pink, though.
  •  My favorite kind of print is just along the border of the skirt, or else a design in one corner or here and there. I generally do not like busy prints, though a really cute design could win me over, and patterns that are toile-like or have a checkerboard in them might be exceptions too. When it comes to embroidery, I really like symmetrical designs, but it's not necessary.
  • I'm looking for almost any style, but I favor classic and gothic (unless something is orange, in which case I like sweet). I like it all, though.
  • And last but not least, some things I tend to fall in love with are cats, butterflies, chandeliers, cakes, keys, and crowns.
Thank you for looking! By the way, I'm on a trip until the 2nd of January and I won't have internet all the time, but I'll still try to check throughout the week.

Edit: I'm trying to reply to everyone but my internet time is super limited, sorry. ^^;; I'll be able to reply on the 2nd or 3rd if not before then.
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