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An aspiring catlady

For more pictures, you can always visit my etsy store!

A super cute dress in red and pink, with striped parts on the underskirt and undersleeves. The dress zips up on the side and has a corset-style back to get an exact fit.

Bust: 80 - 90 cm / 32 - 35 inch
Waist: 70 - 75 / 27 - 30 inch
Length: 90 cm / 35 inch

a really cute dress with lots of interesting details. It closes with an invisible zipper in the side, and the back has a bit of lace-up so you can adjust it to your exact size. The fabric is very silk-like and has a small shimmer to it, it's very pretty and feels really nice.

This dress has a silver lining as a bit of a surprise effect!

Bust: 70 - 90 cm / 27 - 35 inch
Waist: 65 - 85 cm / 26 - 33 inch
Length: 95 cm / 38 inch


A pair of super cute pajamas consisting of a pair of shorts and a sleeveless top, both made of a velvet-like stretchy soft pink fabric and edged in cotton lace. The bloomers have an elastic waistband, the top can be made to size by a satin ribbon.

Bloomers waist: 66 - 100 cm / 26 - 40 inch
Top high waist: max 100 cm / 40 inch
Top length: 70 cm / 28 inch

A beautiful muff made of faux fur to keep your hands warm and comfy all winter! The muff is lined with silver faux satin lining and attached to a long silver ribbon so you can wear it around your neck.
$40 (2 available)

A super cute petticoat in all pink, featuring yards and yards of pink tulle in different layers, the bottom layer has a row of pink velvet.
The skirt has an underskirt of pink poly-satin so it's not see-through at all, and you can wear it as a skirt by itself!

The waist is elastic and will fit most comfortable up to a 100 cm (39 inch) waist.
The petticoat is 55 cm (22 inch) long.

A super cute and very wide petticoat of a robin's egg blue organdie, on which ribbons and such are stitched in a floral pattern.

The skirt has a poly-satin underskirt so it's not at all see-through and you can wear it as a skirt in itself!

The waistband is elastic and will fit all sizes, but will fit most comfortably on a waist of 80 cm (31 inch) or less. I can adjust the elastic to your exact waist!
Length: 45 cm (18 inch)
Tags: handmade

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