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☆ DS: Putumayo Triple Frill skirt, and ADDED Bodyline Leopard JSK

Happy Holidays~

I have a purple Putumayo skirt looking for a good home, great for casual or punk lolita. It is fully lined, fully elasticated, and fully fluffy!

It is made from a soft high quality cotton and has pretty embellished black lace. I would say the max the waistband can stretch is 35".

I am selling this purple version:

This is a stock photo of the red color way, where you can see the details on the lace better.

I am looking for $75 and am open to offers. I may possibly trade for more boystyle items also from Putumayo.

Thank you for looking, and don't hesitate to ask anything! :3 I can take more pictures too if you like.

Edit 12/27

I've decided I might be willing to part with my leopard Jsk as well:

Very light pretty chiffon, lined, detachable bow. Worn once. Flexible sizing and flattering cut.

Chances are, this is the only time I'll list it. xD I just quit my job, so. .___.

Asking $60 + shipping? Open to offers.

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I am in Hawaii, USA and can ship international if you pay shipping. I will quote you for Priority shipping to your location, because it's the most reliable way to send things from here.
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