Andi Jean (stelmariacookie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Andi Jean

DS! Great starter loli items! Spend your Christmas money! WTB! Black Cutsew

Shipping and Payment:
Prices do not include shipping.
I will ship in whichever method the buyer prefers.
Insurance and tracking are optional.
I am not liable for packages once they leave my possession!
Buyer pays half of the Paypal fees.
When you purchase I will invoice you for the item’s cost and PP fees.
Upon receiving payment, I will ship the item within 3 business days.
I will e-mail buyer a photo of the shipping receipt, and request a personal Paypal transfer for shipping costs - 50% of the PP fees.
I will hold items if buyer pays a non-refundable deposit.

Item and Seller Details:

Click on photos to enlarge.
All photos are taken on my dress form which has a 34 inch bust and a 28 inch waist.
I will do trades or partial trades for items with bunnies, unicorns, and ballerinas from buyers with positive seller feedback.
If you think a price is too high, you may make offers via PM.
I reserve the right to refuse to trades and/or offers.
Buyers must provide positive feedback or must PM me to negotiate purchase.
I have feedback located here:

To Purchase:

Please comment or PM me with:
-Your paypal email address
-Your contact email address
-A link to your feedback

Pink Anna House OP
Size large
Back ties

back view

White F+F OP
Size large
Super stretchy shirring and laces up in the front; back ties; detachable sleeves
This was once stained by an exploding bottle of soy sauce; the stain has since been removed. The price is lower to reflect that it was damaged

back view

Regimental Print BtSSB OP
Waist up to 32 inches
Bust up to 36 inches
No shirring; back ties

back view

Pink Offbrand Baby Replica OP
Waist free
Bust up to 36 inches
Laces up in the front; back ties

back view

Green Offbrand JSK
Bust up to 38 inches
Waist up to 34 inches
Faux shirring; fully lined and serged; bought on egl

back view

White Anna House Blouse

Size large
No shirring; Laces up in the back

back view

White Princess Sleeve F+F Blouse

Waist up to 34
Bust up to 36

back view

Black Anna House Blouse
Size large

back view

WTB: Black cutsew with detachable sleeves in any style (hoodie, bolero, blouse)

Tags: !ds, !wtb, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, fanplusfriend, offbrand

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