Amethyst Citrine (amethystcitrine) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Amethyst Citrine

Black Bodyline blouse for sale!

1. I will sell to the first person who provides their paypal e-mail.
2. I may have to recalculate shipping for international buyers.

Here is the stock photo of the blouse:

And here is the Bodyline URL for the blouse:

Here is my proof of ownership photo:

I am looking to sell this blouse for $22 including shipping (may be only slightly more for international shipping).

I bought this blouse off the comm from someone else who said they bought it but never wore it, and I too have never worn it (besides trying it on once). It's a size M, so the measurements on the link are slightly different -- I have a 34B bust and it fits well. This blouse is in excellent condition! :]

Tags: !ds, bodyline

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