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General Information
-I accept Paypal only!
-I ship via air from Singapore.
-Shipping takes about 2-3weeks to reach the rest of the world.
-Pls add $2 to insure your package, I will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged goods.
-Pls click on pics to enlarge image to see any details.
-If u have any qns or need more pics, just ask! :>
-I have feedbacks on both my Etsy shops.
Due to one unreasonable buyer, I have 1 negative for one of the shop, my other feedbacks are very good.

****Shipping is $2.95 flat rate, no matter how many items u buy. Price does not include shipping.****

Lot of 6pcs Kawaii Strawberry Girl Cabochon BLUE / PINK / GREEN  25mm x 15mm - 3.90USD per set

Lot of 2pcs AB Shiny Rose Cabochon BLUE / PURPLE  32mm x 22mm - 2.90USD per set

Round AB Faceted Rhinestones 4mm 150pcs ORANGE / BLUE - 3.20USD per set

Round Shiny Black Faceted Rhinestones 5mm 50pcs - 2.30USD

Round Shiny Black Faceted Rhinestones 3mm 150pcs - 2.50USD

Round AB Faceted Rhinestones 3mm 150pcs WHITE / BLACK - 3.10USD per set

Round AB White Iron on/ Hot fix Faceted Rhinestones 3mm 120pcs - 3.10USD

Round SS16 Iron on/ Hot fix Faceted Rhinestones 4mm 120pcs BLUE / PURPLE / BLACK / OPAQUE SLIVER-BLACK - 3.60USD per set

Round SS16 Light Blue Iron on/ Hot fix Faceted Rhinestones 3mm 150pcs - 3.20USD

Tiny Round Faceted Rhinestones 2mm 200pcs LIGHT BLUE / HOT PINK / GREEN / PURPLE - 2.60USD per set

Tiny Round Light Purple Faceted Rhinestones 2mm 200pcs - 2.60USD

Round AB White Iron on/ Hot fix Pearl Rhinestones 4mm 100pcs - 3.00USD
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