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DS: AP & BTSSB JSK OP and Headbands (ALL UNDER 180 AUD)

Conditions of Sale:
- ships from Sydney Australia
- Prices do not include shipment or paypal fees ( please tell me where your from and i'll calculate it for you and include a total)
- Prices in AUD
- Accepts Paypal only (non-CC)

Angelic Pretty:


Red Gingham Double Bow Headband

- Bought second hand from Closetchild

- in good condition

- Although it looks like the lace is yellowing in the picture, it is just the lighting of my room. It still has white lace (although not pristine white)


Price: 20AUD


Black Polka-Dot Top

- includes a removable satin bow, shoulder ties and strawberries on the neck-ties

- second hand - good condition - tried on only

- measurements:

            from the inner parts of the boat neck : 40 cm

            Arm hole size : 14cm

- i would not recommend this to people who have broad shoulders or a large bust as it does not stretch to accommodate.


Price: 50AUD



Baby the Stars Shine Bright


Cafe Baby-Doll Headband in Blue

- New, first owner

- worn once

- very good condition


Price: 35AUD ~


Pink Bunny Ear-Muffs

- second hand

- condition is good and contains no stains to my knowledge

- never worn or taken outside of the house


Price: 25AUD


Navy-Purple Tartan Skirt

- Second hand

- Good condition - worn out once or twice

- Measurements:

            Waist: 64 cm - does not stretch!!

            length of skirt : 47cm and 56cm


Price: 80AUD


Black Seven Keys JSK

- second hand - good condition except for a stain from the previous owner on the front next to the key (shown in picture). It is not noticeable in person and is slightly enhanced by the flash and my computer.

- has not been worn out by me only tried on

- includes waist-ties

- measurements: standard baby measurements

            waist: ~74cm

            bust: ~  84cm (has some shirring to go abit larger)

Price: 120 AUD


Blue Gingham OP

- second hand from yahoo japan

- very good condition

- worn out once

- contains a neck-tie and waist-ties

- shiring around the arms and on the back

- no in-built pettie

- no stains

- measurements: standard Baby measurements

            waist: ~74cm

            bust: ~  84cm

Price: 180AUD


Navy Blue and Purple Goblin JSK

- second hand from Closet Child

- Very Good condition (had full ratings on the website)

- worn out only once

- includes removable belt, heart and bow

- does not include a pettie

- measurements: standard baby sizing

            waist: ~74cm

            bust: ~80 cm


Price: 160 AUD

Tags: baby the stars shine bright

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