true_hydeism (true_hydeism) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Mini Crown and/or Mini Tricorn

Hello! I am looking to buy or commission a mini crown and/or mini tricorn!

For a commission for the mini crown, I'm hoping for something like this one on Suppurate System:

...preferably the maroon one. Since it looks like it would be light, I would like it to be mounted on a thin cloth-covered headband like that one.

For the mini tricorn, I'm looking for something Alice and the Pirates style, though I'd like the base hat to be black. If commissioned, we could work out the details further.

For anything premade, please show me and I would love to buy if it's what I'm looking for. ^^ I can pay immediately via non CC paypal.

Thank you for your assistance!
Tags: !wtb, !wtc
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