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DS: Haircomb / Ring / Necklace + Jewelry GO

I ship from The Netherlands.
- The prices do not include shipping and are in Euros.
- Paypal only, no extra fees :)
- I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages.
- The one that can pay first will get priority.
- I've got feedback here and my ebay here
- I have cats and a dog, so allergic buyers beware.
They aren't allowed in my room, where I keep the items I sell, but sometimes one manages to sneak in.
- To convert currency, use >XE

NOTE: I will ship next tuesday or wednesday!

Jewelry GO here, deadline 3rd of January

Blue Rose Haircomb: 16 euro OBO
It's really pretty and well made, but it doesn't match anything I own.
Size:  16 cm long

Alchemy Ring: 20 euro
I love this ring, but sadly it's a lot too big. I'd like to get back what I paid for it, or I'm going to make it smaller XD
Size: Q - 56.6 mm circumference / 18.19 mm diameter

Crown Necklace: 6 euro
Gold isn't really my color, so that's why I'm selling it. Only tried it on, but I don't have the original packaging anymore.
It has a double chain with a small crown and a small stone on the other chain.
Length of the chain: 44 cm (includes the extra bit)
Crown: About 1 cm, it's small!

Tags: !ds, !go, offbrand

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