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Xmas sales =)

As I didn't get presents for Christmas (though I have been nice this year), if I want something I have to offer by myself (and here I want to buy a pony ... XD)
So here's my sales! Enjoy!

I accept only paypal (but please add fees if you are a CC paypal: 3,4% + 0,25€)
Prices are in EUROS. Shipping is not included in price.
I ship from France, and shipping are expensive, sorry~

Shipping in insured and tracking to :
European Union, Switzerland and Norway : 15,60€
Countries of Eastern Europe outside the European Union, and Maghreb : 18,80€
African countries outside the Maghreb, Canada, USA, Middle East : 21,70€
Other destinations : 24€

I can ship in NOT INSURED for little package (like accessories) - I'm not responsible if something is lost, and it's at your own risk ! Ask me for price ^^
I can also ship in insured without tracking, is less expensive that the one with it !

***AP set cherry berry bunny, in red. New, tried once for a photo. skirt + headbow = 195€
waist size (shirring on the back) : ~60-70cm

***Rose Melody dress, worn 4 hours, like new : 80€
lenght : 90cm
bust : ~88cm
waist : ~70cm

***AP "A la mode" skirt, like new : 120€
the real color is a few pink, you can see that on this pic :

***Btssb bag, old collection, they have emerged from the same bag some time ago but not in black x white, so this bag is rare!
I kept it in the condition I bought it. Outside is perfect. Inside there are "tasks" of makeup, so is not perfect, but it's clean. 70€

*** Miho matsuda "corset", i don't know the name in english, but is not a real corset. 40€

*** Aatp big hairclip. New, never worn. 45€

That's all for this time. You can make me reasonable offers.

Thank you very much !
Have a better christmas than me XD

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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