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DS/SS BTSSB and AatP New Year's Lucky Packs! --**IMPORTANT UPDATE!

The Baby the Stars Shine Bright store in San Francisco will be selling New Year's Lucky Packs on January 2nd. I will be in town so if anyone wants me to pick one up for them, let me know!

They will have both BABY and Alice and the Pirates lucky packs this time around! The BABY lucky packs will be offered in both S and M sizes (the JSK included in the M size is “one size”), and Alice and the Pirates have both unisex and ladies lucky packs (both are one size).

I am asking $175 shipped express anywhere in the US. I can ship to other countries too, just let me know where and I'll look up the shipping cost.

If there are any items from the store you'd like to add to your order, I can check to see if its in stock and get it for you for no additional charge for shipping or "service."

Please place your order/request before I make my trip to the store on January 2nd. After that I cannot guarantee availability of Lucky Packs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


This announcement was just made in the Baby SF Store Blog:

We know all of you are excited about our New Year Lucky Packs, but we only received a limited number of them for the San Francisco store. Each customer will be limited to 1 Lucky Pack per person only. We cannot make exceptions, and this will be the rule from here on out.

We understand there is a lot of interest, but this new rule is to give all customers a fair chance at purchasing a Lucky Pack at our store.

We have also received many inquiries about sizing issues, content details and whether we ship from the SF store. On the sale day, we can help you decide on which pack will best suit your style and size. There will be a complete coordinate inside the lucky pack; however, we cannot reveal what will be in the packs or give hints as to what may or may not be inside. Lastly, we currently do not accept mail orders, so we cannot ship items from San Francisco to your location.

As a reminder, our New Year Lucky Packs go on sale Saturday, January 2nd at 11am! Each pack is $140 +tax, and the purchase price does not count towards points or novelties.

Thank you for understanding. We hope to see you on Saturday!

This unfortunately means I will not be able to offer my service. I'm very sorry to have to cancel. If possible (given the limited number available), I will take some people with me to buy a few extra packs and will have them for sale here.
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