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WTB: MANY THINGS~! [Underthings & Accessories]

Hallo~! My name is Brenna, and this is my first time purchasing off of EGL~! If you want, I can refer you to my EBAY account-I pay promptly
after a purchases details are discussed and have never had a problem with items never reaching my house. I pay ONLY with PAYPAL ,
no discussion. As far as shipping rates go, I live in ALLEN TEXAS so you can base them off of that. I would prefer to buy from people in the
U.S., but will not immediately turn down offers from overseas [it all really depends on how much shipping is]. Things that are crossed out
are the things I AM NOT looking for; I DO NOT buy off brand items, and my preferred places of purchase are listed below although you
should feel free to suggest items from other name brands. : ]

I cannot purchase anything until the first of January-please keep that in mind!
EDITED: Sorry for the mess everyone.

Bloomers / Panniers
-Creme Bloomers [24-25 inch Waist]
-Creme Pannier [24-25 inch Waist]

Socks / Shoes
-Creme & Pink Over the Knee Socks

Jewelry / Accessories
-Creme Bonnet
-Creme & Brown & Pink Half Bonnnet

Metamorphose Temp de Fille
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Victorian Maiden
Innocent World
Angelic Pretty
Milky Ange
Heart E

Bodyline [Shoes ONLY]
An-ten-na [Shoes ONLY]
Alice & the Pirates [Blouses ONLY]
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