CottonCandyLoli (cottoncandyloli) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS! BTSSB, Bodyline, Offbrand, Homemade.

- Shipping not included.
- I ship from the Netherlands
- Paypal only
- Priority goes to who can pay first
- Not interested in trades atm
- Please make a bid if you don't agree with a price! (:
- Feedback

Bodyline Bunny Cardigan

Bust: 80 cm
Waist: 72 cm
Length: 52 cm
Sleeve length: 63 cm

Price: $45

SOLD Homemade Cake Skirt + Homemade Cake Bow

Waist: 70 cm
Length: 65 cm

Price: $30

Homemade Gingham Skirt + Homemade Bow & Headdress

Waist: 76 cm
Length: 54 cm

Price: $35

Homemade polka-dot skirt

Waist: 76 cm
Length: 54 cm

Price: $20

SOLD BTSSB Rose tote bag

Price: $20

Thanks for watching~!
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, offbrand

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