Atelier Tovar (myglock_yrface) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Atelier Tovar

DS: Christmas/"Sort-of Leaving" Lolita Sale Part 1! Rare prints!

I am located in NC, USA.
I accept Paypal only.
Prices INCLUDE US shipping via Priority Mail and PP fees.
I WILL ship internationally, though it will cost more; I will only ship by International Priority, because I have undercharged in the past.
I have all positive feedback on the dbs (myglock_yrface), ebay (robotsgoneawry), and etsy (planisphaerium).
Feel free to make an offer, no trades, though (exception being AatP Rose Jail babydoll jsk, and certain ETC prints.)
Any questions will be answered asap, I have only Iphone internet at home, and will be running errands until about 8pm.

AP Mermaid Symphony JSK
280USD (more international)

I wore this ONCE, and bought it new w/ tags, so it is in flawless condition. Fits a range of sizes, I am a 30" bust, 22" waist and it fits okay, but I'd recommend anywhere between 32-38" bust, 24"-28" waist.

AP pink detachable-sleeve blouse
95USD (more international)

Bought NWT, NEVER wore this, just tried on and removed tags. This is the nicest AP blouse I've seen, it reminds me more of Mary Magdalene/VM blouses. Fits average AP size, it is boxy on me (30" bust) but I'd recommend no bigger than 38" bust.

AP Chocola-chan OP
250USD (more international)

(I can't seem to find any more photos I have of this, but I can email some if needed.)

I sadly am letting this go, since I haven't worn it in over a year and am getting rid of anything too sweet. I wore this twice, and bought it in excellent used condition on y!j. The black velveteen/corduroy picks up lint so I will roll a lintbrush over this prior to shipping it out. In excellent condition, no flaws I can find. No shirring, very little stretch in the fabric. Fits me fine, but will fit up to 36" bust, and waist is higher so up to 28" waist.

BTSSB Thumbelina JSK
150USD (more international)

(can't seem to find any more photos I have, can email more.)

I love this print, but it is just too sweet for me. Rare old Baby print. I wore this two or three times, bought used in very good condition. The black fabric picks up lint, so will brush it prior to shipping out. I can't find any flaws. Has lace-up shirring panel in back, so will fit a range of sizes (30"-38" bust, 22"-28" waist roughly.)
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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