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WTB! Vampire Requiem DT! partial trade Melty Chocolate Beret

Hello! I would really really like to buy a Vampire Requiem corset skirt, please. ;_; I know is a long shot, but I would be so grateful to anyone who sells it to me. I prefer black or red, but I'd actually be happy with any color.

I can't buy it at this very second, but I'm putting this up so I'll know how much to save up for. By mid-January I'll have a little over $200 to spend. I can do a partial trade for my Melty Chocolate beret too. I realize $200 itself is probably not enough, so if you're willing to sell the skirt, please let me know your price anyway- I can work with you and pay more. I want this dress so badly.

If you're selling he JSK, I'd like to see it as well. ^_^"

I can pay by Paypal. I will put a deposit down  too since I can't pay full right away.
Here's my feedback.

Please PM offers to me, thank you! 

I have this Angelic Pretty: Melty Chocolate black x pink x brown Beret:

additional photo on my poupeegirl
AP page for this hat (sold out)
Please keep in mind that I paid a crazy amount of $160 USD after fees and shipping for this beret. I used an SS and I'm the first owner. Yen vs US dollar is very bad right now. I've only worn this once and that was after washing and drying my hair, so its in like-new/ excellent condition.

I want Alice and the Pirates: Vampire Requiem:

or any color.

I also have these items for partial trade:
-Star Night Theater Black Totebag (used twice) great condition
-Aatp princess grape, mermaid blouse (worn 3x) great condition

Thank you very much for considering or for any help! : )
Happy Holidays~!
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty
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