Vulpes vulpes. (cheriecherie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Vulpes vulpes.

WTB: Shoes and little things

He-woh~ o w o ;;

I had a bad week, time to buy stuff.

I have some requests for things I've been looking for. Help me find them?

1. Pink or White Rocking Horse shoes, used condition is a-okay. Cork or wood is fine. I love leather straps but I guess ribbons would be okay too. I'm 8.5 US or 25 cm ish.

2. Hot Pink AP Magic Whip bow.

3. Angelic Pretty jewelry. (especially especially leopard!) Also, the little pins. Any AP accessories really, except tote bags.

4. Over the knee lace-topped socks that are good for curvy legs.

5. Cute pink hats! Berets, etc. Also, this is kind of weird, but I'm looking for a leopard print beret but can't find one...

Still questing for Metamorphose nurse sets and accessories.

I'm always hungry for h.Naoto!

I can't buy everything offered to me, but I never know what people will offer so I ask for a lot. When offering me something, please have pictures and your location.

I am trade friendly.

I will pay by Paypal.

I have excellent feedback. If you need to see it I will gladly link!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, h.naoto, handmade, lolita lola, metamorphose, montreal, offbrand, secret shop

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