hikasita (hikasita) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Printed skirts or jsk not more than 90$ please!

Hi!, at first I have to say that I'm in Spain then shipping could be expensive for me. I'm waiting to expend less than 90$ shipped or only a little bit more. But I prefer not to do it^^'U. Although you can post it and I will decide. I'm looking for brand or off-brand items. I prefer sweet style although country and classic are cute too. My messurements are 95cm of bust and 83-85 cm of waist. But I don't mind to sew a skirt to put shiirring on it, then don't worry if the skirt is 70cm of waist. Thanks for all. Maybe tomorrow I will go to my grandma town but I will be back on 3rd  of January more or less.  I want to see what things could I adquire with that money as christmas gift^^. I have already bought one from talia_speaks but I still want to see more things. I'm going today 24th, as I said before, I will reply all later Kisses and happy new year.   


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