Naneki (faerydragonet) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB/WTC: Whitish Coat

I would like to buy or commission a knee length coat in either white, off white, antique white, cream or ivory. I would prefer natural materials, since I have reactions to polyester/artificial fibers.

I'm interested in a coat like this one


But, with a bustle back like this:


My measurement are:

Bust = 38 inches/96.5 cm

Waist = 36 inches/91.4 cm

Underbust = 36 inches/91.4 cm

Hip = 40 inches/101.6 cm

Additional Measurements: Neck is 15.5 inches/39.4 cm, shoulder width is 13.5 inches/34.3 cm, arm length is 22 inches/55.9cm, arm width is 14 inches/35.6 cm, body length to knee is 36 inches/91.4 cm.

Please show me what you got. I need it by February 7th. 
Tags: !wtb, !wtc

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