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SS: Reminder: Tokyo Shopping Service

-Tomorrow is the last day that I accept order and this post is approved bylaiferr.

I am travelling Japan this winter (Dec24-Dec31) and I am able to do instore shopping service.
(auction, reservation or online shopping is not available)

Basically, I can go to any lolita store in Harajuku, shinjuku etc.( doesn's have to be lolita store). I also be able to shop at Emily temple cute. (there's no emikyu web store so it's good chance for emikyu fan).

Moreover, for those interested in v-kei, I can shop at raika, too.
I cannot garantee the stock; however, I will visit the same store at least twice and try to buy the item that you wish. Since I gonna visit the store, there will be Neither domastic shipping fee Nor bank transfer fee. Therefore, total would be [ price of item+ service fee+ paypal fee+ shipping from canada to yor place] Also, many items are on sale so maybe it is good chance to shop winter items!^^

I have 2 + feedbacks at -->


1. Fees should be paid in Japanese yen and full amount (except shipping fee and paypal fee) should be deposited before Dec. 22nd 10:00pm in MST

2. In case the item is sold out, I will refund full amount.

3. Minimum purchage per person is 2000yen.

4. Per each item under 5000yen,

I will charge 15% service fee and paypal fee.
Item between 5000yen-14999yen,

I will charge 13% service fee and paypal fee.
Item between 15000-24999yen,

I will charge 10% service fee and paypal fee.
Item over 25000yen,

I will charge 8% service fee and paypal fee.

*For canada and us, paypal fee is (2.9%of total +40yen).

For others, fee is (3.9% of total + 40 yen). Paypal fee will be invoiced later in JPY since in case of stock is sold out, it's very hard to calculate and refund the fee.

5. Shipping fee will be in canadian dollar and requested after I come back Canada and get the exact price from post office.

Ex1) if someone live in US bought the item priced 5000yen, the total would be... (5000yen+ 13% of 5000yen)*1.029+40yen+ shipping fee

Ex2) If someone live in Canada bought the 2 items; they were 2000 yen and 20000yen. Total is ((2000yen+15% of 2000yen)+(20000yen+10%of 20000yen))*1.029+40yen+shipping

Ex3) If someone live in UK bought the 1 item priced 28000yen. Total is: (28000yen+8%of 28000yen)*1.039+40yen+shipping

1. When you order, please give me url of the item (if there is any) so that I can print them,
2. If you can, please let me know second or third choice.
3. Cancellation after Dec.22 12:00pm(noon) in MST is NOT acceptable.
4. There are some that I cannot buy for you : winter coat(sorry too much volume),shoes, umbrella, glasses, and food
5. I cannot measure the size of clothes at the store.

<Closet child> I can check closet child for your dream dress! In this case, please let me know the price range that you are thinking. Deposit would be 50% of the max range. I will refund full amount if I could not find one; if I could find one, I will send invoice(rest of the price+ service fee) and this should be paid in 24 hours.

*Please note that- *No claim, No return. *Once I ship the item, I have no responsibility of lost or damaged item. You can add insurance or tracking number, if you want. * I only accept paypal. * Tag will be removed to prevent from paying too much money at custom.
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