ckourai (ckourai) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Btssb jsk, cutsew, Metamorphose OP

I ship from France
- I only take Paypal.
- Paypal fees are not included in the prices. (If you're interested, please give me your location and ask for the total price.)
- Priority goes to whoever can pay first.
- I don't smoke and I don't have animals

Black*white BTSSB JSK

My picture
I just tried on 70€
length: 86 cm (35'')

Bust: 90 cm (35,8")

waist: 72 cm ( 28,3")

Btssb  roco-pigmin's cutsew

Never worn 30€

Rose Chocolat, black and white Shoes

There's slight damage, littles scratchs on the side

I would sell them for 80€ 
Size: 37 (EU), 6 (US) or 23,5cm

Métamorphose cat print OP in blue

Just tried on, it's new. Finally the color blue doesn't suit me. Collar and sleeves are removeable.
, without collar and sleeves


length: 88,5 cm (35'') Bust: 88 à 90 cm (34,6" to 35,8") waist: 68 à 78 cm (26,7" to 30,5")

Thank you for looking ^^ ^^
Tags: baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose

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