*~~*Kika*~~* (roberthakika) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: BABY Cardigan,Hairband / AATP Tote / SS Tea Party(L) / Montreal Boots(M) / AP Headbow /...more!

Hi girls! I'm shipping from Brazil.
I only accept Paypal.
If you want a tracking number, you will be added +3usd.
I do not make responsible for order lost!

♥ BABY, School Cardigan - NEW - [$130usd Shipped]

♥ BABY, Ribbon Hairband - NEW - [SOLD]

♥ AATP 'Virgin Mary' Totebag - NEW - [$40usd shipped]

♥ Angelic Pretty, Pink Headbow - [$20usd shipped]

♥ Secret Shop, Tea Party Shoes; SIZE L - Used One Time - [$85 + shipping]

♥ Montreal, White Boots; SIZE M -  Used One Time - [$80 + shipping]

♥ Handmade, Pink Skirt (Angelic Pretty replica) - NEW - [$70usd shipped]
measurements: waist: 68cm(MIN) 75xm(MAX) leght: 52cm

Thank you so much!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, handmade, montreal, secret shop

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