ninchu (ex_ninchu) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Victorian Maiden, Innocent World

So I have a New Year's party at work on January 9th, and I know this is kind of a tight schedule to get items now, so I'd prefer getting them shipped from Europe. I'll also consider US buyers, though. It's just that EU makes me happier

If you see you can offer something by IW or VM, please do so <3
I'm also interested in blouses matching IW and VM! If wear Innocent World M-Size, meaning bust:~ 94cm, please ;o;
I'm also considering Replicas.

Victorian Maiden Fairy Chiffon Doll Dress or Skirt

I'd prefer the dress. Every colour but pink please.

Chiffon Frill  Doll Skirt

Any colour.

Flower Corsages

Brand or offbrand doesn't matter, colours: white, off-white, grey, black, fog blue, bordeux

Innocent World

Violin Skirt

In any colour or size (the smaller one would be better, though)

T-Strap Shoes

Size: L, Colour: Any but pink.

Thanks a huge lot for looking =D
Tags: !wtb, innocent world, victorian maiden

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