chibinini (chibinini) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Big WTB!!! A&P, AP, BTSSB, MILK...

Hello to lolitas all over the world! I'm looking for a lot of things, thanks a lot for your help!! ;) Alice & the pirates : In invory or black. All colours but i prefer the ivory one. Angelic Pretty : All colours, the jsk or the op. All colours except pink. All colours. White or black. Emily temple cute : Innocent world : Cream or Brown Metamorphose : Black, red, or grey. Black or red Milk : All colours : All colours but i prefer redxwhite. All colours. Mary Magdalene : All colours. Moi même moitié : All colours but i prefer blk. All colours but i prefer blkxgrey. Seraphim : All colours. Thank you!!! *nini*
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