lbeth (lbeth) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Innocent World - sold

$100US including shipping to the US and Canada. $5 shipping to other countries. I accept Paypal only. No extra charge for CC Paypal.

Bust: 32-34"
Waist: approx 28"
Length: 36" +lace

I got this I think third hand, but it is in excellent condition. It has no stains I've been able to find. One of the buttons holding the sash in place is a bit loose, but there are two on each side so I haven't bothered fixing it. Buttons for the detachable sleeves are all secure.

It has been worn for 2 hours since the last time it was cleaned. (It's a bit too small to be comfortable anymore so I changed D:) The photos show the pintucking, bow details, and lace. I think I got pictures of all the details, but if you want to see something specific, let me know.

frontfull.jpg backfull.jpg buttbow.jpg bustdetail.jpg lacedetail.jpg pintuckhem.jpg sleevedetailtop.jpg sleevedetailbottom.jpg

I have feedback on and eBay.
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