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Jane Marple sale

Disclaimer: (aka Even if you don't read this, I will still hold you responsible for it. XD)
- Shipping fees are extra. Please give me your zip code (US) or country for pricing.

- I ship by priority mail with delivery confirmation to US addresses and airmail to international addresses.
- I only accept payment by Paypal (cards okay) and hold items for 2 days.
- I don't smoke and I don't have any pets.
- I welcome trades for blouses or cardigans from Meta, BTSSB, and IW. I also like Jane Marple stuff in general.
- Buyers are all first come (invoice request) first serve, no offense. Trades have priority over sale. I reserve the right to refuse any buyer.
- My credits:


1. black royal print one-piece

- gorgeous print exclusive to Jane Marple!
- made with the finest fabrics, a high quality dress
- bust: max 45.5" / 116cm - total length: 36" / 91cm
- condition: like new
- price: $99 - SOLD

2. black ruffle skirt

- 2-layered skirt made of chiffon and velveteen
- elegant for formal or casual occasions
- waist is fully shirred

- waist: max 34" / 86cm
- total length: 26" / 66cm
- condition: excellent
- price: $39 - SOLD

3. angel wrap skirt

- 2-layered skirt with cute angel in heaven print
- top layer is wrap skirt
- petticoat with soft tulle edge has fully shirred waist

- waist: max 37" / 94cm
- total length: 27" / 69cm
- condition: wearable with slight imperfections (tiny light stains on outside and a stain on inside lining)
- price: $25

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