Funky_Tsuyu (funkytsuyu) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy SK + Putumayo Chiffon Stars Babydoll

_ Payment must be made with Paypal in USD.
_ PP fees must be added (2.9% + 0.30$)
_ Shipping will be made within a week, unless stated otherwise.
_ I'm not interested in trades.
_ I'm not really willing to do hold.
_ I got two cats and my dad is smoking cigarette.

All my feedbacks can be found here (there's a link to my ebay page, loligothdbs, etc.)

Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy Skirt in Black - 200$USD + 14$USD Shipped in Canada and USA + PP Fees
Price is really negotiable for this one, I really want it gone

Size:  Length: 48cm~ (18.9in~) // Waist:  63-73cm~ (24.8-28.74in~)

Reason of selling: Doesn't quite fit me :(
Condition: Mint condition. I just tried it on and seem unworn by the previous owner.
(I think I still have the fabric sample somewhere).

Putumayo Chiffon Star Babydoll - 50$USD + 10$USD Shipped in Canada and USA + PP Fees

Size:  Arrival height (longest section) 57cm // Bust 76cm~96cm

Reason of selling: Doesn't quite fit me :(
Condition: Tried on and sadly, when I removed it, the stars fabric in the back teared just above the seam. I tried to do it back, it's not the same but it really doesn't show (you can see it in the red rectangle, I'll take more pictures if you ask so :) )
(I still have the tag)
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, putumayo

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