Luna Da 1337 (lunacatgirl) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Luna Da 1337

DS:BtSSB Key JSK, Meta Check OP, Meta Bear & Fruits Skirt, AatP JSK, BtSSB PinkJSK, AP Sailor Jacket

I have feedback at loligoth_dbs :)
Prices do not include shipping

BtSSB Pink Key Charm JSK
Bust: 36in max
Waist: 29in

Meta Check OP with detachable skirt piece
Bust: 37in
Waist: 32in

Meta Bear Skirt
Waist: 27in
Selling because it doesn't fit me T__T

AatP Pink JSK
The white pictures are just posted to see other views
Bust: 34in
Waist: 29in

BtSSB Pink x White JSK
Bust: 35-36in

Meta Yellow Fruits Skirt
Waist: 28in
Didn't wear because it was too small for me. Sorry, I don't have a personal pic of this skirt atm!

AP Blue Sailor Jacket
Bust: Stretchy - 32in to 38in
Note: Someone expressed interest in this a month ago and I've sent 2 invoices but have not received payment. If you are that person and you are still interested, please let me know!
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