Maria_alias_Maya (maya0389) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Meta + Baby + AP Prints

Soo, I just want to have another try at finding one of my absolute dream dresses and in the same run a print I absolutely adore by Meta xD (+some accessoiries ...) I am searching for:

1. The Trick or Treat (halloween) underbust JSK by babyssb in BLACK.

2. Anything with March of The Ducks by Meta. I adore this one! xD I saw this on several auctions, but I first wanted to see if I can get it here, so that I don't have to hire a shipping service ... I would prefer the skirt or JSK in blue, but will look at everything else as well :3

3. Fruits Parlor accessories by AP ... the socks and the Headpiece in RED e.g.! :3
Tags: baby the stars shine bright

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