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DT: innocent world skirt, (offbrand) antique victorian boots

100% positive feedback as a seller and buyer can be found at ebay (mini.beastie) and etsy (minibeastie).
I ship from CANADA

I'm looking to trade the following items! I prefer to trade within the US and Canada to save on shipping fees, but will consider trade to more distant lands if it's something special. (^_^) 

I am looking for a skirt or jsk in trade for the IW skirt... must contain black, brown, or pink. I don't have anything to go with other colors (which is why I sadly need to let this skirt go). I'm looking for shoes in trade for the boots, which don't fit me! Anything that will fit an 8.5 US, 24.5 Japan.

Innocent World Skirt SOLD!!
Waist: 28 or 29 in max (elasticated side panels)
Off-white/cream color with green detailing
I was going to sell this skirt but the sale fell through, so I figured I'd try a trade instead of posting again at 20% off. ^^ Any money I make on it will go right back into clothes shopping anyway...

Great for classic or gothic loli outfits! Wearable antiques! Circa 1900. Soft brown leather, fantastic condition, original laces. These were unworn when I bought them (old store stock). Some scuffing on the soles (they were worn once). Size is a 7 1/2 narrow... I am not sure if this corresponds to modern sizes!
Shoes measure 11in long, and 3 in wide. I am a size 8.5 narrow (US sizing), and I can squeeze into them, but they are too tight and uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. I wore them around town for one day, but they hurt my toes! They are beyond gorgeous, but I don't want to kill my feet for fashion. (>_<) Surprisingly, this is a rare large size for shoes from this era.
Paid $200 USD for these.

Thanks for looking! (^_^)
Tags: !dt, innocent world, offbrand
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