So long, and thanks for all the fish ♥ (oohsupercilious) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
So long, and thanks for all the fish ♥

Emily Temple cute and Bodyline

-Right now I prefer only Paypal
-I would rather take orders within the US so I won't have to deal with shipping. Its been trouble in the past. Speaking of shipping, it is not included in the prices unless noted.
-Reasonable offers are welcome and trades will be considered, but I would prefer the money. I'm into mori-girl/natural-kei styles as well as sweet and classic lolita.
-If you would like to see my feedback, I do have 100% positive feedback on my etsy and on the dbs under 'oohsupercilious' so take a look. :3
- If you do buy from me please leave me feedback on the lolita sales database! :D

ALSO for reference my measurements are as follows: 33 1/2 to 34 inch bust; 27 inch waist; and I'm about 5'2"


See it worn in my d_l post!

Emily Temple cute dress/JSK - $75
I looove this dress and it fits me like a dream, but I always have issues with coordinating it and I need the money. D: I guess I just fail at working with prints. xD;; I'm sure someone else can do it justice!


Bodyline Sorrow Cat top - $10 shipped
I bought this on a whim. I thought it was knit, but it's actually more like a hooded blouse.  The hood has cute kitty ears on it, too! ATM I really don't have anything to coordinate it with (my only red skirt that I bought it to wear with is too short for my tastes now) so its not worn. Only tried on once or twice. Should look really nice with a poofy lolita skirt, because its short, at least on me. ^^
I can take my own personal picture if you ask. ^^

Thank you for looking!
Also please check out my post for handmade items
And my other sales post on my journal for a h.Naoto top, Cure Magazines, and some black heels perfect for a gothic lolita or arristocratic look.
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