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I just ordered this to wear to the reception of my wedding from Closet Child. It's absolutely perfect and in great condition, but it's a bit too short on me. Including shipping, I ended up paying $140 for it, so I'm asking for that (this will include shipping to the US). Payment by Pay-Pal (buyer responsible for CC or e-check fees)

It has a fully shirred back so it's able to fit a range of sizes. I have a 32-33" waist and a 36" bust and had no problems at all. I'm almost 5'9'' though, so while it fit the length was not flattering on me (I have a very short torso and LONG legs).

Closet Child's measurements are as follows:
Bust 37-47cm (like I said my 36" bust fit, but I wouldn't attempt to push it further)
Waist 62-84cm (I would assume it could go a bit smaller due to the adjustable bow in the back)
Height 67cm

This is Closet Child's photo
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There are no tears in the lace/pilling that I noticed. The dress could certainly use a dry cleaning and iron... it would really make it look "crisp" and like new.

I only tried it on, and am unsure how much it was worn before. Gawh it breaks my heart to let it go. Here are my proof of ownership pictures.

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The Back of the dress, slight (adorable) ruffle butt

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
detail on the removable bows (three in front)

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Tag (obviously)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the gorgeous lace plus closet child swag

I sold my Jane Marple sweater on EGL about a month ago, but she didn't leave feedback. I have positive buyer feedback, and my fiance has positive Pay-Pal feedback (I will be using his account since I so rarely buy/sell using pay pal)

Any questions feel free to ask (:
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