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DS: BTSSB L'oiseau Bleu JSK, Emily Temple Cute, blouse, capelet, etc

- I accept concealed cash and paypal
- If paying by paypal, I will give you an email to send money to. I cannot send the invoice, because I am using my father's account
- Shipping and paypal fees are included in the US only
- Priority goes to whomever commits first
- Trades will be considered

BTSSB L'oiseau Bleu in Red

Detail 1][Detail 2][Detail 3]
$250 $230 shipped
Worn once

Emily Temple Cute Green and Blue Plaid JSK

$150 shipped
Not exactly lolita, but very cute

Furry Offbrand Capelet

$20 shipped
A perfect addition to the Winter closet! From Nordstrom, tags still attached

Black Lace up Boots

$28 shipped
Size 7 boots from Mudd. They have a 3 inch heel

Long Brown Wig

$13 shipped
I bought this from another user, and it was probably worn a lot by her. It needs a nice cleaning, but I'm not good with that kind of thing, so I'm selling it instead. Takes a while to style

Hot Topic Socks

$9 shipped each
I bought them some time ago and never wore them

Target GO International Blouse

$20 shipped
Size XS. I bought this some time ago, and it's been sitting in my closet ever since. Sleeves are 3/4
Tags: baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute
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