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DS: Offbrand purple items, strawberry earings, Bodyline bow

- I accept paypal only, excluding e-cheques.
- I ship from the UK and I am willing to ship overseas, just ask me for a quote :)
- Insurance is not neccesarily included in shipping costs, so be sure to discuss that with me if needed.
- I can usually post out items within 2 days of payment being received, but will always keep good contact with buyers if there is going to be a slight delay etc.
- I am open to reasonable offers and trades.

- On the LoliGoth Database (as midnight__gypsy)
- On Ebay (as mistress_of_nosgoth)


Offbrand dark purple jacket - UK size 12
Front                                                     Back

Lining inside

Lovely dark purple jacket, very soft. Has 3 large buttons at the top.

This has only been worn once briefly, and is like new. Unfortunately it's a little too big on me and therefore doesn't look right so I am having to let it go.


P+P to UK £4.
Overseas please ask :)


DICE Purple handbag and matching purse - BNWT

The set together for size comparison

Handbag                                                                                          Purse

These were an impulse buy that I was hoping to eventually use to finish off an aristocrat-style outfit I was putting together, but I still haven't got around to it and don't want these lovely accessories going to waste.

Please note, the purple is a bit darker than in the photos, as the flash made it show up lighter. If you need more pics, just ask ^^

Bag: £11
(RRP £22)
Purse: £6
(RRP £13)

P+P to UK £3
Overseas please ask :)


Offbrand strawberry earrings - BNWT

Gold x red strawberry earrings, very cute. Never been worn; these were an unwanted gift as I don't actually have pierced ears as my aunty thought!

P+P to UK £1
Overseas please ask :)


HUGE Bodyline houndstooth bow- BNWOT

Comparison with my hand... this thing is a giant O.O

Front to show detail.                                                                       Back, shows the pin to attach this to the coat it came with.

Black and white houndstooth bow, very big and sturdy. Has black eyelet lace around the edges and rose lace detail on the bow itself. Has a pin on the back in the centre, but this could easily be removed if need be.

This came as part of my winter coat from Bodyline just recently, but I won't be using it and thought maybe some other Lolitas might be able to find some use for it :)

Not really sure what to ask for this, so let's say FREE WITH ANY OTHER PURCHASE, or if nothing else but this is wanted, then I'd just like the postage costs :)

P+P to UK £1
Overseas please ask :)


Please see my sales journal for other items available at scarlets_wagon , including a black x pink bow barette still available here.

Thanks for looking :)
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