purinyappykura (purinyappykura) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DESPERATE WTB: Starry Night Theater items in pink, red or black, pink flats, something for my daddy!

Hello everyone!

I realllly need some pink flats XD Mine are close to ripping apart. I have a shoe size 8-8.5 I'd say, but I can wear a wide range of shoes depending on if your shoes run large or small for their size. For the kind of shoes I am looking for, I am interested in replica brand shoes, or brand shoes. Boots are OK, too, please have them be in good to new condition.

My budget for shoes is $50 + shipping to California. I need them here ASAP (as in before January 5th) so I'd like to deal with people in the US, or someone who can ship stuff REALLY FAST from their country for not too much.

I'd also like to find something for my dad. Whether it's a pair of elegant shoes (he is men's size 8) or a sweet belt, or something like that. Please note that he is a bit "jolly" right now, so don't offer things meant for tiny little asian men please haha.
I don't want anything with girly frills or lace or that are too gothy or punk. Just something simple and elegant, preferably in black, white, cream or brown. I DEFINITELY need this in California by Christmas.

Plus Starry Night Theater items in pink (#1 option), red (#2) or black (#3). So socks, those crazy top hats, blouse, etc etc. Or things that you think would coordinate really well with the pink bare JSK.

I will be paying by Paypal and am currently at 91506 California for the holidays, which is why I NEED things here fast.

Thanks very much!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty

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