lbeth (lbeth) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS Handmade Skirt

Gothic Heart Applique: SOLD

Made from 100% cotton calico with a matching ruffle. Waist is fully elastic measuring 24 inches/61 cm unstretched (the elastic has quite a lot of give) and the skirt is 20 inches/51 cm long.

There is a 2 inch/5 cm black fabric heart appliqued using a machine satin-stitch and decorated with a grosgrain ribbon bow on the front left of the skirt. This was added because there was a tragic accident in which the skirt was stabbed. The photos show the damage from the inside. This applique should prevent further issues with the cut, which is under an inch long, or about 2 cm.
Tags: !ds, handmade

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