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Quick DS: 2 Pairs of Bodyline Shoes

Terms of Sale
- I only accept payment via PayPal at this time. I need the money quickly, so I cannot accept payment via e-cheque.
-Priority goes to the first person who leaves their PP address, and is willing to pay the full price. I will not hold an item while you negotiate with me if someone else will pay what I am asking.
- Shipping is included in the price of each item, so please take this into account when making an offer. I only ship via priority mail to avoid any lost or damaged packages; domestically shipping will cost $10 for the dress and $15 for the shoes; internationally, shipping will cost about $30 for the dress and $40 for the shoes.
-All items will be shipped out either today or tomorrow, depending on the time of payment-- if you can't pay by 9 AM MST tomorrow (19 Dec), I will be unable to ship out your item until Wednesday, 23 December.
- Prices are always negotiable. I'm trying to clean out my closet, and I want these pieces gone-- I am more than willing to entertain any reasonable offer.
- Holds, payment plans, deposits, and trades are not available at this time.

AATP Long Stained Glass Angel OP
$135 Domestic // $155 International
Back // Print Detail // Top Front // Top Back
Bust: Pretty much free due to the gathered top
Waist: 28"; would be best for someone with a waist of 27" or smaller.
Skirt length: 30.5 inches from bottom of waistband to bottom of lace. For reference, I am 5'6", the dress' waistband hit slightly below my natural waist, and it was roughly mid-calf on me.
I purchased this piece from a seller on Y!J who thoughtfully neglected to mention the fact that this dress is slightly damaged: The elastic was removed from the sleeves, and it seems as though someone attempted to replace it and just left the extra elastic in the channel. The spare elastic could be easily removed and replaced by a seamstress, and the sole reason I've not made the repair myself is that the dress is too big for me, and even if I had fixed it I would not be able to wear it without making serious alterations. Since the fabric and thread used for the attempted repairs are both black, I could not accurately photograph the damage but I've tried to describe it to the best of my ability. This damage does not seriously affect the overall condition of the dress, and again, it's something that could be easily fixed by a seamstress or someone who's handy with a needle.

Bodyline Platforms, Size 26
Pink: $40 Domestic // $65 International
White: $40 Domestic // $65 International

(obviously there are two pairs; I'm not just going to send one shoe of each colour!)
Both pairs are brand-new from Bodyline's site, and the pink have been tried on for ~5 minutes only for me to find that these shoes just don't fit my style at all. My shoe size is a very narrow US 10.5, and I found that with the addition of some small inserts, these shoes fit my feet quite well. I just don't think I can pull off the clunky-platform thing, is all dX Both pairs will ship in their original boxes. And I apologise for the high international price, but the shoes will cost around $40 to ship as stated above, due to their high weight.
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