nyappy_jojo (nyappy_jojo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: shorter skirt, punky stuff and cheap JSK/OP

Hi, I'm a shorter loli, so I'm looking for a skirt around 40-45 cm, maybe putumayo? since their skirts are shorter, mostly. My waist is 66 cm. Also looking for anything putumayo, listen flavor, h.naoto, algonquins, sexpot, banana fish sexy dynamite london etc. And a cheap JSK/OP! - I'm not interested in bodyline only their sold out stuff maybe. I don't have too much to spend, 60 EU for a skirt (at last 80 if it is really what I'm looking for) and about 100 EU for a JSK/OP. show me what you got =D 
Tags: algonquins, baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto, listen flavor, metamorphose, putumayo, sex pot revenge, sexy dynamite london
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