My Fake Plastic Love. (dykestar) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
My Fake Plastic Love.

DS: Innocent World Blue Logo Onepiece-- SOLD!

I'm selling a blue IW one piece that I recently got. I have never worn it out of the house and its previous owner says she never wore it out either. It's a lovely dress but I feel that I'm a tiny bit too big for it (I can fit it, but it's not comfortable for me) so I'd recommend it for a girl who's a hair smaller than me.

Max bust: 40", Max waist: 36" The shirring is in the front and back and it has a waist tie in back as well. The lace on the collar and cuffs is just gorgeous. I really hope this dress goes to a good home!

This is sold out on IW's site and was a very popular print. The sleeves and collar are detachable so it can be worn in many styles. It's in perfect condition so I'm asking for $175 + shipping ($8.90 for a flatrate box anywhere in the U.S., $12 for international) for this dress. Thanks for looking!
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