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DS: Seasonal Skirts

It’s a time of giving right now, and because of it these skirts are priced lower than they should be!
For the last-minute shopper, here’s three skirts up for sale. Both the Ornament and Snowflake skirt have been worn once, although I made the Santa skirt specifically for someone else to show off. ^_~
I doubt anyone would want to take the time to pay in some way other than Paypal, but I’ll accept other forms of payment if you’re interested.
Shipping is not included, but will be decided at the time of purchase. The skirts will be shipped as soon as possible, in order to speed up the delivery process.  

Santa Skirt w/ Ribbon Belt  SOLD!
Price: $35
Length: 20.75”
Waist: Sized to order
Details: This sweet skirt has extra details to bring delight to the wearer. All seams are finished in the French style and the hem has contrast binding for added weight. The elastic waistband and the ribbon belt will be custom-fitted. Also, the ribbon belt has snaps and a finished bow, so you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of having to tie it repeatedly.

P.S. If this skirt is sold, I have the materials to make another (with custom color choice if desired). ^_^

Ornament Skirt  SOLD!
Price: $20
Length: 20”
Waist: Recommended between 24”~34”
Details: Border prints are such a iconic Lolita trait, and are great for any wardrobe. All of the seams are finished with an edge stitch. Both the rick-rack trim and the print have iridescent glitter, for added sparkle!  

Snowflake Skirt
Price: $20
Length: 17”
Waist: Recommended between 24”~34”
Details: This skirt is perfect for the Lolita who doesn’t fear more of a mature look. Paired with white stockings, it looks great in an ero-loli outfit. The seams are serged, and the waist is made with two rows of elastic for added comfort.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know~
Also, happy holidays, everyone!

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