Miss Amani (amanikitty) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Miss Amani

DS: Offbrand skirt, ankle boots size 10, accessories, Meta bow, AP beret, some pink 3-D nails

I have a few things laying around that I feel I need to get rid of before I move~

-Haggling may be possible. I'm not really looking for trades but offers won't hurt.
-All prices includes regular airmail shipping, if you want Priority, tracking or confirmation let me know.
-International buyers are welcome, but be aware I'm not really trying to send out items via regular Airmail. U.S. Priority or Express only. If you wish for regular Airmail please note that I will NOT be responsible for any lost items because of Holiday season traffic.
-Non-CC preferred.
-My camera is broken, so I can't give better pictures, sorry! But I'll answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Black Ankle Boots, U.S. Size 10


Only been worn outside once, good condition.
I'm asking for $20 incl. shipping!

Handmade pink tartan skirt


Worn a lot of times. The fabric is good and pretty thick, the overall condition of the skirt is good. It was made by kaorte. It has a matching bow that can be used as a headbow, though I usually pin it on the skirt.

I'm looking for $30 including shipping.

Forever 21 bow headband


$10 incl. shipping.

Nail Set 1


I don't think I ever worn these, if anything just once. These are really pretty but I can't really wear them that well.

I'm asking $17 including shipping.

Nail Set 2


$14 including shipping.

Metamorphose polkadot Headbow.


I've worn this a couple of times; I'm looking for $15 including ship. picture of it wornnn.

Angelic Pretty pink beret

I'm looking for a good home for this, since it was a present from a friend. Unfortunately I could never wear it right so I'm giving it up. I don't have any good pictures of it because I could never wear it. =A=
Pictures of me wearing it: picture 1, picture 2, Detail of the embroidery. I've only worn it maybe three times. I'm looking for $35 including shipping, thanks :3

Tags: angelic pretty, handmade, metamorphose, offbrand
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