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DS: baby the stars shine bright, angelic pretty, meta, emily temple cute, swimmer, VM/Beth, offbrand

Sales Information: 1. Items will be shipped out the next day after payment. The item will be shipped the same day if the payment is made before 3pm pacific time 2. I will ship overseas. Please ask me to calculate the shipping cost for you (please give me your zip code if you are from the US) 3. For US residents, the cost of shipping is listed under the price of the item. 4. All prices are in US dollars. 5. I am by no means good at measuring clothing 100% accurately (I only have a wooden ruler), so please don't take all measurements as completely exact. If you are on the border of a measurement, allow yourself a bit of room just in case. 6. Prices are negotiable. Feel free to email me at natassja_t22@msn.com if you'd like to talk about a price change. Keep in mind that the item will go to whoever can pay my asking price, however if the item doesn't sell within a few days then I will gladly lower the price for you. 7. PAYPAL ONLY. My paypal address is natassja_t22@msn.com. I will send you an invoice. I split the PP fee in half.

I'm going to say this once more: PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE (within reason)! This stuff needs to go!

Item 1: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Thumbelina Skirt

Size: 70cm waist. Half shirred in the back. 55cm long including lace.
Color: cream Condition: perfect condition. I've only worn it once for about 10 minutes. I purchased it from a member of this community.
Price: $115

Item 2: Swimmer Cupcake Socks
Color: white with red polka dots, heel, and top. There is a little cupcake at the top and a small white ruffle at the very top of the sock.
Condition: perfect. I've only worn them once for pictures.I purchased them very lightly used on this community.
Price: $15 Stock photo. If you'd like my own photo, just let me know!  

Item 3: Emily Temple Cute Picnic one-piece

Size: I have a 34 inch bust, 25 inch waist. The dress sits just above the waist (underbust). The dress is slightly big on me, but not noticeably.
Color: Blue with white stripes and red strawberries. Picnic scene at the bottom border and white lace trip around sleeves and bodice.
Condition: Perfect, never worn by me. Not sure about the previous owner.
Price: $240
stock photo 

my photos

Item 4: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sweet Check Skirt

Size: Max 28 inch waist. Maybe 29. Partially shirred in the back.
Color: mint green
Condition: I've worn this skirt, however it's still in wonderful condition.
Price: $85

Stock Photo--if you'd like my own photo, just let me know!


Item 5: Victorian Maiden/Beth hoodie
Size: I have a 34in bust and it fits me wonderfully. Keep in mind that the hoodie is short in length because it stops where your skirt starts.
Color: I'd call it "dusty rose". It's a nice light pink with a gingham border on the hood.
Condition: I've worn this a few times, but it's still in great condition.
Price: $45

Item 6: Metamorphose Blouse
Color: Black
Condition: Used (detailed below)
Price: $35
About the item: This item is missing the waist ties in the back. It is also missing one button, but it is not noticeable because the buttons are in sets of two, so the blouse doesn't gap open because the other button is there to hold that part of the blouse closed.



My finger is pointing to the missing button.

Item 7: Emily Temple Cute Cinderella Print One Piec

Color: Black
Condition: I've worn this, however it's still in perfect condition.
Price: $275

I couldn't capture how beautiful this dress is on film. It's so lovely! I'm sad to be selling it :(


Item 8: Baby the Stars Shine Bright ribbon socks

Color: Black
Condition: Got them in a trade, worn once. They're in great condition. The BTSSB name is still visible on the bottom of the sole.
Price: $15  

Item 9: Off Brand Strawberry Cardigan
Size: US S/M
Color: Black with red strawberries and red gingham buttons
Condition: Never worn, bought used. Seems to be in great condition.
Price: $15  

Item 10: Angelic Pretty Purse
Color: pink and red
Condition: Everything is perfect, except for the straps. If you know this purse, you'll realize that it's missing the strands of fake pearls that are supposed to hold the straps to the purse. I bought this on Y!J auction and they were broken. I have now attached the purse straps with small zip ties, which are unnoticeable for the most part. I've shown this modification in pictures below.
Price: $30

  Here you can see the black zip tie. If you are worried about it being noticeable, you could always use a white tie, or something like yarn or the like.
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