Anya (_lovegood) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Attn seller : Toymoonhorse

It's about the seller [info]toymoonhorse. I bought a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pockem Embroidery JSK from her on the 11th of November : I had paypal issues but succeeded in sending her the full amount of money at last on the 14th and she said she would send me the dress the following week. I didn't have any news from her after that, I don't know if she sent the dress which haven't still arrived yet after a month. She won't reply to my comments, nor PM, nor emails to her paypal address. Her last connexion to her LJ and Twitter was around the 16th-21st of November.

I still don't think she's a scammer, perharps she had an issue with her internet connexion or something, she seemed quite busy with studies when replying to my comments too. She seems to be a real lolita, I mean wearing clothes and not only selling them, a nice girl collecting dolls and everything. Apparently she had had two other LJ before this one :
[info]circadianpuppet and [info]cherrymooncrux

Does someone know her in real life and can update me about this situation please ? I'm getting sooo worried about this dress, which is my boyfriend's present for our 3rd relationship birthday (and Christmas, and my birthday huhu)

Thank you so much for reading this !
Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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