Momoko Kitade (momoelle) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Momoko Kitade

DS: Skirts! Putumayo/BTSSB

Hello! I wanna sell two skirts. These are new, I've just wear it one time and no more. I'd prefer european buyer as shipping cost to other countries is very expensive, but just ask! ;)
I only accept payment by paypal
The first item is Putumayo skirt, bought from EGl is very cute but I need money >_< About the size, waist is very small ^^" Is about 63-65 cm The price I was looking for is 50€ plus shipping


The second item is Btssb skirt Parfait in black. Why I'm selling it? Need money >_< I'd like 100€ plus shipping as I bought it for more, trust me ^^" Typically btssb size

Plus I've got a bodyline dress. I have to tell you that one button ripped out and I had to fixed.
The price I was looking for is 25€ plus shipping
Hat included

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, putumayo
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