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DA: Black Vampire Requiem JSK long version

I've come upon some hard times when trying to rent a place so I am deciding to auction off my prized dress.

This dress has been worn about 3 times and still is in great shape.

~Just a note I do own a long haired cat, so anyone with allergies be fair warned.
Auction Rules: **This is a three day auction. It will end Midnight of the 20th MST
*Please don't bid if you intend to back out.
* I accept paypal as payment
* I do ship internationally, but you must pay for EMS. **It would cost around the $30 depending on location
* Shipping is included if within the US.

Measurements: 34-39 inch bust
Waist is pretty much free size.Probably wouldn't want to go over 34 inches though.
Length 39 inches Great for taller girls or shorter girls who want a longer dress.

Starting bid (what I paid): $365
Buy it now: $500 ( I put this high to encourage bidding)
Highest Bid:
Tags: !da, alice and the pirates
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