allie (lolitallie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Baby Shoes/Watch + Meta OP [Fits larger sizes]

Although these Petit Doll shoes fit me fine [I wear a 25JP but a little wide], I really don't feel comfortable in heels and pretty much look horrible while wearing heels -- imagine Ugly Betty walking in heels, add approximately 50lbs and multiply the 'awkward' factor by 5. That's me. On a good day. Mine are black, size LL and I'd like to sell them for the price I paid -- $165 including shipping and insurance seems to be the going rate. I wore them for approximately 30 seconds walking around my grandmother's kitchen so they're in near-perfect shape.

I also am selling the magic heart face watch -- which can be found here (hiding on the English site but it's gone on the Japanese so I'm assuming it's sold out! Mine is the black version but my wrist is too fat because it has to be wrapped around twice -- I can get it on but it is not too comfortable. If nobody is interested in buying it I will probably go have it resized, because it is adorable-beyond-adorable but I'm really lazy so if someone wants to buy it that would be preferred lol -- the watch cost the same as the Petit Doll shoes but will be less to ship, so I am hoping to get $160 including shipping and insurance. Sold.

I also have a Meta White X White Summer Lucky Pack '07 dress available -- I'm looking for $60 including shipping/insurance -- this is that super shirred one which will go up to a bust of about 44". I'm more likely to be kuro than shiro so this has literally just been chillaxing in my closet waiting for a day where I won't be eating something that stains. And I love things that stain. And things that stain love my clothes. So whitexwhite is probably not my best bet!

My feedback can be found here. I can provide photos if necessary but I am selling these to replace my phone [which also served as my camera -- it won't take a charge so I am back to my old phone n_n] and it may take a day or so to get my own pictures because it involves bribery and/or stealing the boyfriend's phone while he's asleep lol.
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