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DS: elegant Christmas skirt US ONLY

Prices include domestic shipping and all fees! You pay only the listed amount! ♥♥

I have this lovely Christmas skirt for sale. Festive and spirited without being over the top or tacky, this skirt is perfect for your holiday celebration!

This skirt is fully lined with French seams on all side seams and a serged bottom hem. It is half-elastic waist for a comfortable fit while maintaining a clean attractive finish, and fits a variety of sizes.

$75 including US Priority shipping.

Christmas skirt 2009 004

Christmas skirt 2009 003

Christmas skirt 2009 005

Christmas skirt 2009 006

Christmas skirt 2009 007
(The seam is not lined up quite perfectly, but is off by only a couple millimeters.)

Christmas skirt 2009 008

Christmas skirt 2009 009

Christmas skirt 2009 010

Christmas skirt 2009 013

Christmas skirt 2009 014

Christmas skirt 2009 015

Christmas skirt 2009 001
Coordinate example.

Christmas skirt 2009 002

length: 50cm
waist: fits ~68-85cm (full stretch to ~100cm, must fit over head and shoulders or hips)

Note: This skirt has some slight imperfections in the inside bottom hem in the lace. I accidentally damaged the inside of the lace, as shown in the photo below:
Christmas skirt 2009 017

However, it is very difficult to see any inconsistencies from the right side. The two spots in the photo below where there is ever so slightly less lace showing are the two spots in question:
Christmas skirt 2009 020

This is on the front of the skirt, and as you can see in the overall front photo, it is not noticeable on the skirt as a whole.

Christmas skirt 2009 004

Please purchase knowingly. Thank you! <3

Also, I still have for sale 1 other skirt made by me, a Music Note Border skirt made of important Japanese fabric. I also have coats from Innocent World and Heart E, dresses from Metamorphose and Baby, a skirt from Baby, shirts from Heart E, Baby, Miho Matsuda, Peace Now, Bodyline, and Angelic Pretty, various accessories, and many pairs of socks! Please check out my sales journal osakaneko_sales! Thank you! <3<3

My sincerest apologies - due to the state of the USPS with crazy before-Christmas crowds, I am ONLY shipping domestic Priority at this time. Absolutely no international orders will be accepted until January. Also, no first class shipping available at this time. I am very sorry for the inconvenience!
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